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Te’Juana Johnson is an actress, model and creator originally from Austin, Texas. She recently completed her MFA in acting. As an unapologetic BLACK woman, Te’Juana is interested in using her voice and art to inspire change within her community. She believes that theatre can be used as a powerful tool to spark the change the world needs. When she is not performing in plays, films or on T.V. Te’Juana is working on her own projects in various different mediums. 

She is currently in the beginning stages of creating a comedy series based off her experience in being in an MFA in program in a predominately white institution after completing her undergraduate degree at a HBCU. As well as developing an official V-log. Te’Juana has a well-known presence online among her followers where she uploads daily stories on Instagram that highlight different event in her life in real time. Te’Juana is known for her blunt opinions and doesn’t mind giving the tea and shade when needed.



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